English-Speaking Lawyers in Brunei: Explained

Navigating the legal landscape in a foreign country can often feel like trying to decipher an ancient script written in an unfamiliar alphabet.

For English-speaking residents and expatriates in Brunei, finding a lawyer who can communicate in English and understand the nuances of both local and international law is crucial.

This guide aims to illuminate the path to finding English-speaking legal professionals in the Sultanate of Brunei, offering clarity and peace of mind in matters that require legal expertise.

Let’s dive in!

Why Is The Importance Of English In Brunei’s Legal System Significant?

English serves as a lingua franca in Brunei’s legal domain, owing to its historical ties with the British Empire. 

As a result, proficiency in English is indispensable for legal professionals, enabling them to navigate the complexities of Brunei’s legal framework and communicate effectively with clients and counterparts.

What Range Of Legal Services Do English-Speaking Lawyers Offer In Brunei?

English-speaking lawyers in Brunei provide a comprehensive array of legal services spanning various practice areas, including corporate law, commercial transactions, civil litigation, and criminal defense. 

They cater to clients’ diverse needs, offering consultation, representation, contract drafting, and legal documentation services.

What Are The Professional Expertise And Qualifications Of English-Speaking Lawyers In Brunei?

Many English-speaking lawyers in Brunei possess extensive education and training domestically and internationally. 

They often acquire legal qualifications from prestigious institutions abroad, enhancing their expertise in Brunei’s legal system and enabling them to uphold international legal standards.

How Can English-Speaking Lawyers In Brunei Contribute To Promoting Access To Justice?

English-speaking lawyers are pivotal in promoting access to justice in Brunei by providing legal assistance and representation to local and expatriate communities. 

Their ability to communicate fluently in English ensures that all individuals have equal access to quality legal services, regardless of their linguistic background.

How Do English-Speaking Lawyers In Brunei Navigate Cross-Border Legal Matters?

Given Brunei’s growing integration into the global economy, English-speaking lawyers are instrumental in handling cross-border legal issues and transactions. 

Their proficiency in English allows them to liaise effectively with international counterparts and navigate complex legal frameworks across jurisdictions.

Here are some English-speaking lawyers/firms in Brunei:

HLR Law Advocates

Established in January 2019, HLR LAW is a law firm headquartered in Brunei Darussalam, comprising a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals. 

The firm strongly emphasizes cultivating and nurturing robust relationships with its clients. Their primary goal is to offer practical legal solutions and a comprehensive understanding of relevant legal procedures.

HLR LAW specializes in various areas, including civil litigation and intellectual property, and it provides legal guidance to corporate entities, entrepreneurs, and startups. 

Comprising a team of committed individuals, HLR LAW is dedicated to providing practical solutions to clients’ legal challenges.

Their team collectively possesses over 30 years of legal practice experience in Brunei Darussalam.

They have offered legal counsel and representation to various clients, including banks, financial institutions, telecommunications companies, transportation firms, property developers, contractors, and private individuals.

Why HLR Law?

At HLR LAW, they are devoted to giving the attention that your matter requires. Located in three different areas across the country, they endeavor to provide accessibility and convenience for your legal needs. 

Their team also comprises multilingual members who can work with their clients in English, Malay, and Mandarin.

Their goal is to provide solutions to legal concerns at a fair value without sacrificing quality. They assign work to the members of their legal teams best suited to a particular need, with the greatest capability to achieve the desired outcome for their clients.

They use a Law Practice Management System specially designed for the legal industry, providing ease and convenience in managing communication and updates between their lawyers and clients.

Practice Areas

  • Personal Injury
  • Intellectual Property & Technology
  • Commercial Agreements & Property
  • Litigation
  • Family Law
  • Legal Solutions For Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups
  • Mediation
  • Criminal Law
  • Ad Hoc Mediation
  • Recovery

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Raed Lim is a well-established boutique legal firm that is entirely Bruneian-owned and managed. They are dedicated to delivering efficient and effective legal solutions to their clients. 

The firm comprises five qualified lawyers and dynamic support staff who are passionate about their work, forging enduring relationships with clients and surpassing their expectations.

With extensive legal experience spanning Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and Australia, Raed Lim collaborates with various legal firms worldwide to offer cross-border legal services to its clientele.

Consequently, they can provide domestic and international legal services to their diverse range of clients through these partnerships.

Raed Lim has offered legal advice and representation to numerous institutions, including banks, financial institutions, land developers, oil and gas concessionaires, industry contractors, insurance companies, foreign missions, motor vehicle distributors, and many private individuals. 

Noteworthy instructions in the banking and finance sector include Maybank Islamic, United Overseas Bank Singapore, Rabobank, DnB ASA, Export-Import Bank of China, and Commerzbank.

Their Lawyers And Staff

  • Adhere to the utmost standards of professionalism through consistent demonstration of honesty, integrity, fairness, loyalty, compassion, and courtesy.
  • Strive to uphold a sterling reputation within the community concerning client representation, ethical conduct, moral principles, and professionalism.

While also ensuring compliance with the regulations set forth by the Brunei Darussalam Government and adhering to international values and standards.

  • Educate clients on all pertinent legal (substantive and procedural), moral, and other relevant matters associated with their case.
  • Offer clients practical legal advice, outlining available alternatives and potential consequences, including providing an impartial assessment of each option’s likelihood of success or failure without exerting influence over the client’s decision.
  • Keep clients informed of any developments in their case.
  • Furnish clients with copies of all documents received by the attorney.
  • Stay informed about any changes in relevant laws, including updates to appellate case law and modifications to statutes, ordinances, court rules, evidence rules, Administrative Orders, and Administrative Rules, through attending legal conferences and acquiring legal resources.
  • Remain updated on (and acquire, if necessary) all new technologies and resources that enhance legal representation for clients.

Areas Of Practice

  • Arbitration
  • Banking and Finance
  • Capital and Fund Raising
  • Construction
  • Corporate matters
  • Debt Claims
  • Defamation
  • Divorce
  • Employment and Labour Laws
  • Estate Planning
  • Foreign Investments
  • Islamic Finance
  • Insolvency and Creditors’ Rights
  • Insurance
  • Joint Ventures
  • Leases and Tenancies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Negligence
  • Property Transactions and Disputes
  • Probate and Administration of Estate
  • Shipping Laws
  • Trademarks and Patent Registration and Litigation
  • Trusts
  • Workers Compensation

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LZ Hussain & Co. Advocates & Solicitors

LZ Hussain & Co. endeavors to transform the legal environment by presenting a modern and distinctive perspective across various practice areas. Whether dealing with commercial and corporate law or criminal cases, the firm advocates for a comprehensive approach to client support.

Their approach extends beyond merely offering legal remedies, aiming to redefine the client journey in the contemporary era. Founded on January 4th, 2021, the professionals at LZ Hussain & Co. bring extensive and diverse expertise to the legal realm.

Corporate Advisory: Their corporate practice encompasses a wide range, from simple transactions to complex and multifaceted cases. 

Their thorough grasp of global and local environments, coupled with their forward-thinking approach, enables them to navigate legal intricacies and adeptly provide impactful solutions.

Their dedication to corporate advisory excellence drives their relentless effort to surpass expectations and fulfill all legal requirements.

Banking And Conveyancing: Their team possesses abundant knowledge, expertise, and a profound understanding of diverse financial sectors, encompassing Islamic finance and conventional banking. 

They are committed to providing comprehensive support to financial institutions and consumers of financial products across a broad range of services. Moreover, their team excels in representing financial institutions in debt recovery and insolvency cases.

Criminal Defense: Their team consists of experienced and determined advocates who specialize in providing criminal defense representation across diverse cases.

They understand that each case is inherently distinct and approach each with steadfast dedication and thoroughness, regardless of its intricacy. 

Their primary emphasis is on protecting clients’ rights, upholding principles of justice, striving for the optimal outcome, and ensuring clients receive top-tier legal representation.

Civil Litigation: They take pride in their dedicated expertise, offering customized legal solutions to tackle a broad spectrum of civil litigation matters such as shareholder and partnership disputes, construction claims, debt recovery, and land disputes. 

Their team of seasoned lawyers is devoted to efficiently advising and representing clients across diverse civil litigation areas. Their solid reputation is founded on professional integrity, legal proficiency, and a client-centered approach.

Family Law: They recognize that family law issues can be particularly difficult, often involving emotional sensitivities that require a sensitive approach. 

They commit to prioritizing their client’s needs and well-being while striving for mutually beneficial resolutions for all parties.

In the field of family law, their approach goes beyond simple legal representation; it entails a comprehensive understanding of the profound impact these cases can have on individuals and their families.

Additionally, they provide expert advice and guidance in estate planning, probate, and the drafting and executing wills.

Intellectual Property: Their Intellectual Property team holds contemporary perspectives in this field, offering expert advice and guidance on various intellectual property matters.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, safeguarding and strategically utilizing intellectual property is paramount.

They specialize in copyrights, patent and trademark registrations, and resolving intellectual property disputes.

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CCW Partnership 

With a history spanning over 40 years, CCW has earned a prominent reputation in litigation and arbitration, notably in construction, banking, corporate, property, insurance, intellectual property, and various other commercial and civil dispute resolution fields.

Additionally, it holds a distinguished position in banking, finance, general corporate and commercial, property, and real estate law.

The firm frequently collaborates with major law firms from different jurisdictions to cater to clients with international business ventures.

Founded on April 1st, 1980, CCW Partnership stands as one of the largest full-service commercial law firms in Brunei Darussalam. 

Committed to delivering top-quality services and solutions, CCW prioritizes client satisfaction by providing tailored assistance that aligns with their business and commercial requirements, all while upholding professionalism and integrity.

As a frontrunner in its class, CCW has consistently received recognition from reputable entities such as IFLR 1000, Chambers Asia-Pacific, and AsiaLaw.

Areas Of Practice

  • Commercial, corporate, banking and finance, tax and securities.
  • Construction, joint ventures, projects, and infrastructure.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Insurance.
  • Oil and gas.
  • Shipping.
  • Family law.
  • Commercial and civil dispute resolution and arbitration.
  • Conveyancing, property, project development, and project financing.
  • Information technology and telecommunications.
  • Insolvency.
  • Labor and employment.
  • Probate and administration.
  • Competition law.

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Fathan & Co.

The firm was founded to bridge the growing gap between traditional legal practice and the realities of doing business in an emerging economy.They understand that more is needed for them to state the law. Still, they also need to bridge the law by offering commercially sensible advice and marshaling for the benefit of their clients, the different professional disciplines.

Forging strong client relationships for the long term has been their guiding principle with all their clients, and it is a quality they never take for granted. 

Their values and commitment to providing excellent service remain the same, whether their client is a multinational corporation or an individual. They embrace client feedback, which they consistently act upon to enhance their services.

As a result of prioritizing a ‘client-focused’ approach, they develop a deep understanding of their client’s needs, allowing them to provide proactive advice that extends beyond merely adhering to legal requirements.

Conveyancing And Commercial / Corporate Documentation

  • Building Contracts & Subcontracts
  • Consolidation and Partition Agreements
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Land Development Agreements
  • Lease / Tenancy Agreements
  • Management Agreements
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Novation Agreements.
  • Powers of Attorney.
  • Sale and Purchase Agreements for Real Property, Shares, Businesses, Equipment, etc.
  • Service and Employment Contracts
  • Trust Deeds
  • Banking / Financial Loan and Security Documentation


  • Reviewing and offering legal advice/opinions on agreements and various legal documents.
  • Providing legal advice/opinions on changes resulting from recent enactments, court rulings, etc.
  • Offering legal guidance on real property, commercial, banking, insurance, and corporate matters, including offshore banking, exchange control regulations, and guidelines.

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With the insights provided in this guide, the quest for English-speaking lawyers in Brunei need not be a daunting journey through uncharted legal waters.

Equipped with the knowledge of where and how to find proficient legal assistance, expatriates and English-speaking residents can navigate their legal affairs with confidence.

Navigate wisely!

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